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Coaching Philosophy

Our Pre Requisites

  • All coaches MUST have a valid CRB provided through Bristol Central. This check will be carried out by the club's Welfare Officer.

  • All coaches MUST complete FA Safeguarding Children, Introduction to First Aid and EE Playmaker (Minimum) coaching courses

  • All new coaches will undergo an introduction to the club from our Head of Football to understand our club ethos, philosophy and responsibilities. Following this will be a 4 week probationary/shadow period with our Coaching Leadership Team or our  experienced coaches


Features of our Philosophy


  • The coaches will allow players to enjoy the game in a welcoming environment but challenge them by asking questions and setting them appropriate challenges as well as listening to them and giving advice.


  • Coaches will develop a match day environment in which the only communication from the touchlines during play will be words of encouragement and praise. Players will be allowed to play, make their own decisions, and express themselves in all areas of the pitch without fear.




  • Coaches will promote fair play, always operate in line with the FA’s Respect Code of Conduct and always adhere to the Laws of the Game.


  • We aim to provide football to children of all ages and abilities in a safe, friendly and fun environment and to promote the values of respect, teamwork and good behaviour. “Attitude above ability”


  • We fully support the concept of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) and aim to deliver age-appropriate coaching.

  • We provide a football curriculum which all coaches are encouraged to follow to ensure each child across the age groups are given a consistent message and a balanced football education.

Coaching Phases

We take players through the three key phases of the the FA’s Grassroots DNA using the four corners approach to prioritise long term player development. Find out more detail about each of the three phases from the Foundation (U6-U11), Youth Development (U12-U16) and Transition (U16-U18).

Our Playing Philosophy

Our Coaching Identity = Our Playing Identity

Along with our Coaching Philosophy we have a Playing Philosophy which support all coaches to be consistent in our approach to coaching to see the outcomes of the way we want to play in games. All of our coaches are supplied an official Coaching Handbook and access to our resources which provides all the framework for long term player development and game understanding

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