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Transition Phase


This transition stage will see the club looking at preparing players for the daunting prospect of adult football. It is our aim to retain as many players as is possible into this stage, one which is a notorious “dropping off” point for young footballers. 

There will be more emphasis than in earlier years on winning football matches but this will still be attempted absolutely under the umbrella of teamwork, good football, respect and fair play.

Practice to improve technical ability will still be important although tactics, team shape and a player’s role within the team will take on a higher priority than before.

Players will be encouraged to continue developing their coaching education, with a view to assisting a coach from a younger age group within the club.


  • Lifestyle skills

  • Developing a stable temperament

  • Understanding match play

  • Communication

  • Advanced coping strategies are developed


  • Becoming technically proficient

  • Executing the correct technique on demand

  • Contributing to team play involving space & time

  • Producing the techniques required to support both defending & attacking strategies


  • Muscle mass gains

  • Strength improves

  • Power increases

  • Lactate training

  • Improving recovery

  • Full potential is progressively achieved


  • Developing emotional stability

  • Being socially responsible

  • Recognising cultural differences

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Appreciating others

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