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Youth Development Phase

U12-U16 (School Year 7-11)

Practice at this age will encourage learning of much more specific areas of the game whilst the developing of technical ability will still be at the forefront of the LTPD plan.

Players will experience defending and attacking when numbers are not balanced and will be challenged much more to develop their knowledge of movement “off the ball”.

There should be a heavy emphasis on encouraging players to constantly scan the playing field and think ahead so better decisions can be made upon receiving the ball.

Players should continue to have the experience of playing in different positions although during these years we will start to look at which positions may be most suitable for each player.

Players will now be encouraged to experiment with tactics and to reflect on their performance; were they effective and what could they do better next time?

Creative play in attacking situations will always be encouraged but players in this age group will start to learn about where and when to take risks.

From the age of 12 players will be encouraged to join our Junior Leaders Programme and get involved with the many local Community initiatives we support as well as enrolling on coaching, refereeing and young leaders courses.


  • Self concept

  • Awareness

  • Responsibility

  • Goal setting

  • Confidence

  • Coping strategies


  • Refining techniques

  • Skill execution under pressure

  • Attacking & defending principles

  • Introduction to tactics and team work

  • Rotation


  • Adolescent growth spurt

  • Aerobic development

  • Changing shape

  • Early / late maturation

  • Athleticism changes

  • Increasing variation between players


  • Accept responsibility

  • Fair play

  • Peer group features

  • Values and beliefs

  • Appropriate behaviours

  • Personal and group responsibilities

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